Monday, June 11, 2007

Laundry and Pizza?

What do they have in common? (besides the occasional tomato stain) Around here, it's the new way my kids have found to make laundry day fun. I didn't come up with it -they did. So, it's a truly kid tested, mother approved kind of idea. Here's how it works:

I fold the clothes and the kids put them away. Simple huh? Actually, that's the mommy way...less emphasis on fun; more on just getting the job done. The secret is in the pizza.

When the laundry basket comes out my kids morph into pizza delivery guys/girls. The clothes are the pizzas. They pick one up, deliver it, and come back for more. They love this game and I love that I don't have to keep yelling for them to get more clothes. They literally race each other to get back to me. Here are the pizza flavors they've developed so far but you can have fun creating your own:

red = pepperoni
orange = cheese
black = olive
green = spinach
brown = sausage
other colors (white, pink, blue, yellow, etc) are dessert pizzas

There you go, moms! When was the last time you heard your kids say "aw, is that all the laundry?" Yeah, I wouldn't have believed it either but it happened. I hope this will help motivate your little launderers. =)

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Anonymous said...

Great idea MOM! Now if you come up with a way for all those socks to get matched let me know. I sometimes wonder if neighbors add socks to my laundry. Some look like they don't belong to anyone in my house house - how do they get in MY laundry and where are those matches at?????