Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Somebody Raise the Black Flag

A quick update from Atlanta - we are apparently under a plague. Here's the run down:

Tim has some kind of fungus (he may not appreciate me telling you this but it is what it is) on his right toes. He is undergoing some homeopathic treatments and is a very cooperative patient, but it isn't comfortable at all and he is hobbling around on one foot.

I (Amie) stabbed myself in the left foot with a pair of manicure scissors (please don't ask me to explain) and the small puncture wound which resulted has become infected. Over the past two days a puffy, itchy, and painful redness has overtaken much of my foot. So, I am hobbling around on one foot.

Isaiah apparently has contracted one of two things: Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. We visited a local doctor's office today and he is being treated with antibiotics, rest, and round the clock Motrin. He is pitiful once the medicine wears off. For those who know him, this will put it into perspective -he didn't eat dinner Sunday night or breakfast Monday morning. I TOLD you he was sick.

So far, Nathan and Mamoune are hanging strong but please say a prayer for us and our ailments. What's a vacation for if not to be sickly and miserable? =)

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