Monday, June 4, 2007

Eno River State Park

On Memorial Day, Tim and the kids heading to Eno River State Park. The one thing my kids love to do more than anything else (well, maybe besides eating and watching TV) is exploring. Here they are hot on the trail of...something.

I think they had a good time and to my knowledge they only broke the law once. Apparently there was a barricaded area due to erosion and the danger of the earth crumbling right out from under your feet that someone just couldn't resist. That's all I can say without incriminating anyone further. =)

There was also a radio tower that was of great interest. Don't worry, they didn't climb it but...

...they would have. I imagine they were planning a way to get in, take over the airways, and conquer the world. If Isaiah's in charge, the world would slowly be brainwashed into eating all sugar all the time -a slow but happy demise. If Nathan is calling the shots it will be all war all the time. And if Mamoune is the head of this trio, God help us all. Thank goodness for padlocks and 10 foot fences.

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