Thursday, June 7, 2007

Catch and Release

We haven't had many wildlife updates lately so this is for all you nature lovers out there. Our woodchuck has turned out to be Momma Woodchuck. We haven't seen her for a while but we see her two little ones playing in the grass quite often. Cute little boogers. We are also discovering why this area is called Rabbit Run -bunnies everywhere. And our best story so far...

Hummingbird Rescue

starring Tim Sexton

A hummingbird flew into the barn one afternoon and quickly became confused by the white and somewhat reflective ceiling. It was sad to watch. He kept banging into the plastic and we were helpless to know how to shoo him back down toward the barn entrance. Finally, he flew in far enough for Tim to climb on some built in storage units and reach him. He used a clear tote (those Haiti bins came in hand after all =)) and slid cardboard over the top of it and lowered him to safety. We released him in the open air AWAY from the barn. But we managed to get a picture of him first:

The next day a strangely familiar hummingbird was seen fluttering outside our kitchen window. Maybe he just wanted to say "thanks".

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