Monday, June 25, 2007

Unlucky 13?

If you've read the last few posts then you know just how crazy
our lives have been recently. We knew things were insane but even WE didn't realize how bad it was until we were standing in the pharmacy at Walmart waiting to pick up medicine and Tim looked at me in dismay and said, "oh baby, it's our anniversary."

That's right. June 25th, 1994 two very young and very stupid people stood before God, family, and friends and promised to love each other "'til death do us part." Thirteen years later, we aren't so young, we're still pretty stupid, and since neither of us is dead yet -we are still together. =)

I must confess that had we experienced an anniversary like this in the first three years of marriage, I would have been reduced to a slobbering ball of shattered expectations. But on this ironically appropriate occasion, I can honestly say that there is no one I would rather be with "in sickness or in health" (heavy emphasis on the sickness) than my Timothy. -beep-beep-beep...that's your sap radar going off

For those who know the story, you can yawn through it or skip down to the bottom but here's how it all began:

Tim and I were both chorus geeks in high school. We auditioned for our school play and were cast opposite each other as Tony and Maria from West Side Story. (cue card: awwww!) For me, it was true love right from the start. I knew immediately that this was the guy I would marry. I just had to convince Tim. Are you convinced yet, honey? =) We dated through my junior and senior year and endured a period of long-distance love while Tim was in school in Anderson, Indiana. Then on my 19th birthday, he proposed. We were married just over a year later. There were lots of people who thought we'd never make it -a stage romance that was doomed to failure. Good thing God is so much bigger than that.

So, 13 years today and what've we got to show for it? By the world's standards, not a dang thing. We live in someone else's barn for crying out loud. Thank goodness that isn't the standard we go by. On the way up from Atlanta yesterday, we heard a preacher talking about finances and he said if you want to know how wealthy you are just add up everything you have that money cannot buy and that you can't take with you. Well, in those terms I have an incredible life of love, passion, laughter, four amazing children, and blessings I cannot even begin to list. I am a millionaire!

Tim, you are my best friend, a wonderful daddy, an amazing leader for our family, and I love you so much. oh, and as soon as you get those fungus toes cleared up we'll do some serious celebrating. ;-)

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Kris said...

Congratulations Amie and Tim! You are indeed wealthy beyond measure! Wishing you many more happy (and more romantic) anniversaries. :)