Monday, June 30, 2008

Compare and Contrast

What do you think? Do you see the family resemblance?

Bella definitely got the round face gene while Justus is more of an oval. And Bella was a caramel machiato baby. Justus...more of a vanilla latte. =) But one thing is clear -they have the same button noses and luscious little bottom lips. Sibling sweetness.

Today was Nathan's birthday. Nine years old. Last night, I feigned tears and said, "Oh, I'll never have a nine year old Nathan again." (You may remember that he mourned my thirty-fourth birthday in like manner.) He had a great day of Laser Tag and IHOP --Tim and I wanted real food. They wanted dessert. Pancakes seemed like a win-win choice. You can read some of his adoption story at this link. He is such a sweet and caring young man. He doesn't really like the attention that comes with having a new baby in the house but don't be fooled; he is in love. When no one else is looking, he leans over and whispers to Justus "I love my baby brother" and sings little songs to him.

Tim and I are still working out the feeding schedule and who is better during the night (Amie) verses in the early morning hours (Tim). And the rest of the crew is hanging tough and helping out in little ways. Bella wants to hold the baby more and more which is cool. He's growing on her. Unfortunately, she's getting her vocabulary a little confused where he is concerned. When she saw him this morning she pointed and said "puppy." Eats. Poops. Makes grunting noises in his sleep. I guess I can't come down too hard on her, huh?



Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Smiling Ear to Ear for you guys. This is so cool.

(Troy teased Tim an email and is now concerned that he offended with his teasing ... I say no, Tim maybe has not even seen the email ... confirm please.)

The Sexton Crew said...

Tim took the week off and has had trouble accessing some of his emails from home. He saw that he had one from you guys but hasn't had a chance to open it.

No offended parties here...yet. ;-)

Nancy said...

Love the coffee comparison. I don't see the resemblance but they are both adorable.
Happy Birthday Nathan!

Allie said...

Ooh I think it's more than the nose and lips, I think they have the same forehead and eyes, too (may not be the case when they're open but you can really tell that they have similar eye shapes since the lids are closed). Stuff like that is soooo fun, I think God must have great fun with genetics. :) Really, let me know if you need anything, I'll actually be dogsitting at Jim & Becky's next week so I'll be closeby if you want to get rid of the older ones to rest some, or need something last minute from the store, or whatever. You can call at their house phone # from Friday-Friday if you need anything!

Always Christmas said...

Amie, I clicked the link to Nathan's adoption story...those pictures of him when he was little..oh my goodness! eat my heart out! tell him we called last night to say happy birthday! (even though I repeatedly told robby that nine was probably too late to call..he was sure it wasn't.sorry. one day he'll figure it out) love you guys.

Shaw6pak said...

Man--- I go out of town for a few days and wham-O. You guys add on and I blinked and missed it.

Congralations!!! Can't wait to meet him in person. He is beautiful.

The Millenders said...

They are both yummy and I can't wait to get my hands on him!

millendersinafrica said...

Happy birthday, Nathan!  We love you and miss you, bud!Zach, Luke & Faith(and their parents, too!)

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Oh yeah...I see the resemblence. oh my goodness they are so stinkin' precious! I am so happy for you guys!