Saturday, June 7, 2008

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Okay, so I haven't quite gotten the song titles out of my head. But dude it is hot! I sent the kids outside yesterday to sit in the shade. See how gracious I am? I didn't even expect them to play -just sit. =) Nathan argued, "It won't do any good 'cause the heat comes right through the trees." He has a point.

That'll make you want to live anywhere in the US other than Raleigh, NC. Yuck. And the five day is truly grim. The temperature itself makes me cringe and the "feels like" well, I think they're just mean for putting that on there.

Here's hoping you are keeping cool this weekend -wherever you are!

Oh, and as promised, a new post has been added to the brain dump. Click here and remember to scroll down if you are just tuning in to the story line.


millendersinafrica said...

I'm only going to let so many song titles go before I throw down the gauntlet with another challenge. Watch yourself!! me, from afar

Pat Rosenberg said...

Yesterday coming out of 3rd service (truck temp read 101 degrees) Russ and I watched as heads turned hearing us shout "man it's freezing out here". We of course were trying to convince ourselves that it wasn't all that bad out there. By the way that lasted all of about 30 seconds. The blacktop of the parking lot melted my sandals.