Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Diggin' on You

I forgot to share one of my favorite traveling stories with you.

We're driving down I-85 and hit a little bit of traffic. Moving slower than usual gave us the opportunity to witness this little moment of irony. As we got closer to a pick up truck in the next lane, we noticed that he had something etched in the back glass of the truck cab. It said:

"Real men cry." And on the passenger side of the cab, the sentiment continued...

"But we buy our own Kleenex."

It didn't strike us as all that amusing UNTIL we got side by side with the driver who's window was down and who was knuckle deep in his nasal cavity -diggin' out a good one.

Now, I'm all for nose-picking. Let's get real. Everyone has to do it now and then. But seriously, note to self: never pick nose while riding in a truck that references Kleenex.

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