Monday, June 9, 2008

Girly Ghetto

Girls are weird. I knew this but since Mamoune was almost five years old when she joined us, I didn't know just how soon the weirdness started. It starts dang early.

I spent most of the boys toddler-hood chasing them down and forcing their little feet into shoes that they had no interest in wearing. And as they grew, I was constantly yelling as they ran out the door, "Come back in here and put your shoes on!"

Not my baby girl. She goes to her room, digs out a matching pair of shoes, puts them in my lap, and holds her little foot up saying, "yesh." Here she is donning her pink sandals. Apparently, snot running out of your nose does not detract from fashion. Good to know.

And here she is in her new clothing line "Girly Ghetto." The key to pulling off this look is the sag. It's all about bustin' slack. She'd like to have a cute little butterfly airbrushed at the top of her diaper but her dad and I are putting our collective "foot" down on that one.

And lastly, while Mamoune and I were giving each other makeovers recently (Mamoune's idea) Bella wanted in on the action. So, we painted every one's nails, proving that pink looks good on any skin tone.

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