Saturday, June 21, 2008

Deadline Dilema

My goal had been to finish the "Amie meets Tim" story by our anniversary. That would be next Wednesday. That ain't happening. But I will do my best and as a special treat (for the three people who are reading it) I am adding two segments today. Take a moment; don't let the excitement carry you away. ;-)

Click here and if you are new to the story, scroll down to the book mark post to read from the beginning up.


Shari said...

Make that four of us reading this story, as I do all your blogs. I laugh, I cry, I get warm fuzzies, and I am just plain entertained. What a wonderful gift God has given you. And I love that you speak from the heart.

Jena Tager said...

hey i heard your good amazing news last night. i want u to call him corick ...since the child is not a girl you should call him corick because that he is coming near the time that cory arrives...and i thought the name sounded 'black' so yeah....its done than the kid is named. now u just have to hit up people for baby clothes. i am STOKED about seeeing him. loves ya and i am totally gushing with u. its a date mmmmmwah, your soul sista

millendersinafrica said...

Haven't commented yet, but I am reading the brain dump.  Why the missed deadline -- don't tell me there is something new and exciting in your life pulling you away from your storytelling!  ;-)  We miss you guys -- tell Tim I said hey (I *know* he won't read it!)  love, ron