Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Scoop

It was requested that I share Justus' story (while ignoring the other children -no problem, Laura.) and you all know that I just love to tell a good story. I'm still waiting for permission from Tim to share his recent run in with the law -oh yeah, it's a good one. Anyway, back to the boy.

As you may know or have guessed, we weren't exactly expecting this new addition. We thought we were done -ya know; full. In fact, Tim's exact words were "Gabriel will have to personally tell me that we are supposed to adopt again." Well, last Tuesday night -Gabriel called. He (she) sounded a lot like our good friend from Amazing Grace Adoptions. ;-)

She began telling us about a baby boy, who was not just any baby boy -this little lump of yum is Bella's biological brother. Aha! Lights are coming on everywhere.

There are some things in life that require hours, days, even weeks of prayer to get a clear answer on. This one took seconds. A no-brainer. It's almost as though a man plans his way in his heart but the Lord directs his steps...or something like that. There was no doubt where this little one belonged and from the minute we knew he existed, he was in our hearts. We just had six days to fuh-ly through some hoops so that he could be in our home. And now he is.

Here was Bella's first glimpse:

This tender moment was followed by poking him in the eye.

Oh, and about his name...each of our kids has a Bible name and a family name. So, here's how it breaks down: Justus (Col. 4.11) is the biblical part. And Royal comes from Tim's middle name (updated slightly to avoid images of dog food.)

I've shared with some of you but it is worth repeating: As overwhelming as it was to bring home a newborn with a week's notice; it is equally overwhelming to see how quickly and completely God has provided for His little one. We have the most generous church family on the planet!!!


ali said...

gosh, we are just SO thrilled for you all, he is PRECIOUS. oh, those kissable lips! did they make it easy financially, with the short notice? i hope so. CONGRATS!!!!! love, jackson's family(the crawfords)

TC said...

Sweet pic and even greater the sovereignty of our Great God. Did u get my book?

The 5 NC Shays said...

well golly! i'll never miss a day visiting your blog again. just found out! wahoo! and congrats to y'all!

Bobbey said...

Oh happy day!! What a beautiful baby and he is surely meant to be YOURS! Thanks for sharing the story with us all. Congratulations Sexton Crew!!