Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Grand Finale

Tempted to Love
By Amie Sexton Copyright 2009

If we who believe would lay politics down
Step away from the marches and mantras that sound
What could God teach us of those we oppose?
Which of our own sins would He painfully expose?

Would I see the young woman who denies her child birth
As the vilest of creatures to walk on the earth?

Or would I see in her eyes the desperation she bears
As she forces her way past the shouts and jeers
Being hurled on God’s behalf of her impending doom?
But does God love her less than the child in her womb?

Or just as she chooses to end life for one more
Have we slaughtered her soul on the way out the door?

If for once we could see her the way Jesus does
Perhaps seeing her truly, we’d be tempted to love.

Would I see the homosexual as a formidable foe?
Quickly hoisting a sign to make certain they know
That my “God hates fags!”
Oh, really. Is that so?

And if it were true that God hates these “fags”
Upon which of your sins do you suppose He gags?
Is it the gossip that spews from your lips with great ease
Or bitterness that grows like a cancerous disease?

Do we think their deeds are more heinous than our own?
That apart from His grace we could dare face His throne?
Or could we halt our disgust long enough to explore
The soul that’s within; perhaps searching for more?

If for once we could see them the way Jesus does
Maybe seeing them truly, we’d be tempted to love.

The single mom on welfare, the addict at his worst
Do they get compassion or do they “get what they deserve”?
Popping pills like it was candy? Sniffing, snorting, who can tell?
And having babies sure is handy when the check comes in the mail.

Don’t act like you ain’t thought it, even if you’ve checked your words.
God knows the thoughts inside your heart, even those that go unheard.
“Government shouldn’t do the church’s job.” I’m glad that we’re agreed.
So, how many of her babies are you offering to feed?

“Well, she shouldn’t have so many kids!”

Which brings us right back to the top.
Perhaps she should have aborted them

So the welfare checks would stop.

“You’re twisting my words; that’s not what I meant.”

No, but if you really thought it through
You might find that your box of what’s right and what’s wrong
Conveniently encompasses you.

Now, sin must be dealt with; God’s Word makes that plain
But love precedes truth, not judgment and blame
What is standing in the way of the work He would start;
The sin in their life or the hate in our hearts?

Could we finally see people the way Jesus does?
Because seeing them truly, we’d be tempted to love.


Rosie said...

very good and very true

however i think you spelt cheque wrong. Sorry i have a complex about peoples spelling. Or maybe you spelt it right and th British people spell it differently

I wish i hadnt started this

Rosie said...

and i think ive just spelt cheque wrong

The 5 NC Shays said...

amie, again. i'm humbled by the words God has given to you. convicting and challenging they are. gulping for air as i swallow them down. Thank you my friend, for sharing your heart. "Lord Jesus, continue to show me how to love and WHO to love. Please forgive me for missed opportunities and yes, wrong thinking."

Anonymous said...

you are very talented

Claudia said...

i was biting my tongue when i began reading this for the words i just said right before i read it...God forgive me! thank you amie for the passion behind your words. i hope that i can truly let God search my heart for those things that are "unsaid" but felt. and thanks lisa for passing this blog along.

Caytie said...

wow! i really needed to hear that! I have been helping a single mom by watching her daughter while she attends community college..she is the mother of 2, with different dads. one of them she has full custody and dad is in prison and the other she does not see. in her short 21 years of life she has lived a life of physical, emotional,(more like torturous)abuse from "so-called" parent. Her quest to be loved and find love has lead her down a path of destruction, heartache...more men and abortions then one can count yet she is desperate to find the One who loves her. That path is through the people who are the hands and feet of Jesus. She now knows Him and has accepted Him but she still continues to struggle and make the same mistakes over and over....this is where loving her really hits hard. This is where we are called to live out what the bible teaches us. It's easy to love when they are doing what is right but when their choices are poor we are still called to just love...not condemn...but love some more....thank you aime for encouraging me and using your God-given gift to write in ways that touch and convict!! Thanks for opening the window to your soul!! Your fellow sister in Christ!!

Momto13 said...

This is beautiful. I have really enjoyed all of these posts. Wonderful writing and great thoughts that made me truly THINK.

Jen said...

wow, very well said>

Marcia Erickson said...

Well said and very challenging Amie.

Mom said...


You have truly been a blessing from the day you were born and I marvel at the blessings God send to us through your talents.

Love YA!