Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Part Two: God is Pro-Life

What is the value of life? Whose life is worth valuing? Certainly, we are called to stand in defense of those who have no voice but what do we do with them after the fact? How much value do we put on that same life once it passes from the womb? Is there evidence that our concern for the sanctity of human life extends beyond the labor and delivery room? Should there be? Are you tired of rhetorical questions? ;-)

In 2006, there were over 11,000 children in the foster care system of North Carolina. ELEVEN THOUSAND! In NC alone. Let’s suppose for a minute that Roe v. Wade is overturned. Ah yes, Christians everywhere are rejoicing but um, excuse me…where will all those babies go? There is a lyric in the finale of Into the Woods (Broadway musical) which says, "Careful the wish you make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take. Wishes come true -not free." The ultimate wish fulfillment of the pro-life movement has a very real, very tangible result...children. And children demand a very real, very tangible response.

Are our highly politicized churches ready to become highly provisional? I hope so. Well, what does it look like? First, I'd like to suggest that any and every believer who considers him/herself to be pro-life should also strongly consider him/herself as a potential adoptive parent. Strongly. consider. it. At the very least, it only makes sense that we should give as much vocal and financial support to adoption and reputable agencies which provide this service as we give to the opposition of abortion.

Otherwise, we are demanding that every woman choose life for her child and then washing our hands of them both when she complies. There's a word for that. Actually, there are a couple of choice words for that but in an effort to appease my editor I'll go with...hypocrisy.

Even James wondered what good it does to tell someone to be "warm and well fed" but do nothing to meet their physical need? He declared that "faith without works is dead." Some Christians have perfected the art of standing on their principles while sitting on their duff. Dead faith.

And yet, many of those same people have STRONG opinions about government "hand-outs" and whose job it is to care for those who in need -like the now single teenage mom who chose life for her baby. Which leads us to tomorrow's topic...


Aubrey said...


I debated whether or not to post but with all of the cut and dry abortion forwards I have been receiving, I felt like your posts encompassed my thoughts exactly. I AM NOT IN FAVOR OF ABORTION (I can not say that enough) and I am a Christian. However, the thought of overturning roe vs wade and calling it a done deal actually scares me. What happens to those mothers who are no doubt in need of guidance, both physically and spiritually? What will happen to the injured babies of the illegal failed attempts? I am scared that our Christian community within our nation will feel satisfied with the outcome, rejoice and be done with it. What would happen if on top of rejoicing, we got our hands dirty? What if instead of using our energy to "protest" we made a difference? What if we worked on providing proper health care to these woman, focused on prevention, spent time reaching and guiding them spiritually?!? It sure would be more work than holding up a sign or sending a forward .......... but imagine the outcome?

I hope I didn't overstep, but ultimately I wanted to thank you for putting this in words. Every time I open a "vote this way" email (supporting either direction), I want to scream "Hellooo?!?! It's not enough! It isn't going to solve the problem!!" And on top of all those emails and what they infer ......... I AM A CHRISTIAN!!!

Megan said...

Regardless of what our country would look like IF RvW was overturned, it still would be right.

I see the ramifications of it that you are pointing out. The thing is abortion is wrong. Flat out wrong.

On the other hand, you are so right! Each and every christian family is going to have to take a hard look at themselves and realize they need to step in and adopt. If not adopt help out in other ways. I would pray that the Lord would lay a feeling of heavy conviction on every family to adopt one of his most precious creations.

I can not stand the hypocrisy in christians and even before I can catch myself sometimes I too am guilty of it.

Making a stand and saying I am pro-life then seeing a young girl very pregnant and rolling my eyes. How dare I! She chose to have the baby. She could have chosen not to.

I pray that the Lord keeps showing me the error of my thinking and continues to soften my heart towards this cause. It has always been near and dear to me. I pray that the Lord shows me direction in what he wants me and my family to do.

The Sexton Crew said...


"Flat out wrong" is absolutely right!

I hope to encourage people to come beyond the voting booth and be ready to BE Jesus not just SAY Jesus. Does that make sense?

I'm glad that you, Aubrey, and others have offered such great comments. I love the dialogue! Thanks for reading and responding.