Monday, October 20, 2008

Politically Correct

Have you noticed that within the body of Christ we have created our own version of political correctness? It is the expectation that every person who names the name of Christ will mark the same box on an election ballot; that we will all vote for (or more often against) the same issues across the board. And that if some of us vote differently, there is the obvious implication that some of us may not be as "saved" as some of us thought.

I have rarely, okay maybe never, been accused of being politically correct. If you've read this blog for long then you are probably nodding your head and thinking "yeah, I can see why." And by the end of this week many of you will think that not only am I politically incorrect but I may be completely off my rocker. I hope that a few of you (I'll settle for one or two) will think: dang, I want to be off my rocker, too.

We are just two weeks from an election. I have no intention of telling you how or for whom to vote. As a matter of fact, I'm not trying to persuade you in your political view at all. BUT the current political atmosphere has driven me to present a few ideas for your consideration.


Bobbey said...

and these ideas....

were you planning on sharing them with the rest of us??

Or were you just seeing if any one was still reading?

millendersinafrica said...

I'm afraid, but I'll be back for more reading! We aren't over teh top with the political atmosphere over here, though there is some concern about how it would be perceived if Obama does not win - as a rejection of Africans.