Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art 101

So, Mamoune and I were playing and drawing on the white board when she challenged me to draw her portrait. One thing led to another and next thing ya know the Sexton's have been immortalized in the medium of dry erase. How's that work? you ask. Well, I had to take pictures of it before wiping the canvas clean. It was a short lived immortality. I'm not an artist. I just like to draw for fun so try to focus on the few things that actually resemble their human model.

Kinda looks like a row of composite sketches from America's Most Wanted, doesn't it? shrug.


Dotwigg said...

Those were awesome!!! Why are some people so obviously completely talented and others well, ... :) I love the characterizations they capture the personalities more, (imho).

The 5 NC Shays said...

sigh...we can no longer be friends.

I can't take it. you're too creative for me to wrap my brain around.

just kidding. WOW! uh, next time try paper, kay?

The Millenders said...

Where is my picture? Secondly, I will let Six Flags know they have their new caricture employee! Love and miss you - you talented, thin, beauty!

Nancy said...

So, what I want to know is ...which one is Tim? hehe
You know I used to get jealous of people like you but I discovered I have my own talent now and it's ok. Yeah, I can make a mean batch of maple butter. That sure makes me one of those talented people.
That's why they call me the MBQ
Yeah millenders that's my new handle. :)

ali said...

youre NOT an artist????????????????? then what are you? those are amazing!!!!!