Friday, November 21, 2008

Tidbits from the Table

Okay, so we weren't actually at the table but close enough. We were babysitting our adopted nephew, Elijah, when he and Bella spied me munching on some chips. Drat. I was forced to share but not without squeezing in some training. I made the little beggars practice their polite words.

"Say 'Mommy (Aunt Amie) chips, please.'" They parroted back sweetly and I rewarded them with chips.

Then Tim came slinking up to me. "Can I have some chips?" he asked. "Okay, but you have to say 'Amie, I love you. You're beautiful.'re thin.'" No. I am not above forced flattery. Or lies. =) But that wonderful, loving, smart mouthed husband of mine is a bad, bad puppet.

"I love you and you'"

Hey, wait a second.

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