Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mushy Mom

You may have thought that I left the past post up for so long to emphasize a point...I do not think that far in advance. I just haven't had the chance to update. I'm fully aware of how annoying that is for you. Sorry.

So, two nights ago Justus moved out of his little nursery (tucked into our walk in closet). He's sleeping through the night and has really gotten big enough that he could wedge himself sideways in the port-a-crib -no good. He was ready to move on to bigger and better accommodations. I thought I was ready, too. I put my little man in his "big boy" crib in the room he now shares with big sis Bella; covered him up snug; and kissed both of them goodnight.

As I left their room, I detoured into the hall bathroom to check the mirror. I was convinced that the monstrous lump in my throat would be visibly bulging out of the sides of my neck. I was a wreck.

Generally speaking, I am not a sappy mom. I consider myself more of a sarcastic realist with a hint of cynicism. I love my kids and think they are wonderful but I'm just not the ushy-gushy type. Usually. When Tim came home later that night I shared the news with him. "Justus is in his crib in Bella's room." I managed that part with a clear voice followed by strained words and a contorted face trying to hold in the tears..."and I'm not very happy about it." Tim gave me a sympathetic smile and shook his head.

I don't know what it is. It could be that he is the sweetest baby on the planet. It could be the fact that God was so good to let our two little ones grow up together. It could be that God knew it would take number 5 to break me out of my stoicism. Or it could just be hormones -that's always a good one to fall back on. Yep. That's the one I'll go with.

I am not becoming a softy --it's just the hormones.


The 5 NC Shays said...

there is something about that last baby...uh, ASSUMING this ONE is the LAST. lol!

i was (and am) that way with Titus.

T and T Livesay said...

suck it up girl

Ericka said...

oh my gosh, I found your blog from the livesay's and I have to say that IS the CUTEST baby ever.
UGH!!! I LOVE it when they play with their feet!!!!!!
So adorable :)