Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ah, Halloween. That infamous holiday. Lots of beliefs, convictions, and opinions surround this holiday and I just happen to have a few of my own. You're shocked. I know. =)

The kids came home from school the other day and said that some of their friends weren't going to trick or treat because their mommy told them "Halloween is Satan's day." Now, I don't have a problem with those who choose not to participate in the traditions of Halloween but I do have a problem when we use bad theology as our reason. Here is how I broke it down to my crew:

Who created the earth?


Who keeps the earth spinning?


Who keeps you alive?


So, if the world is still spinning on October 31st, and the sun rises, and people are alive and breathing...who's day is it?


The way I see it -Christians believing that Satan has the power to steal an entire day away from God is scarier than any Halloween costume I've ever seen. We celebrate Halloween as a day to remember that Jesus kicks Satan's butt!

That said, I love Halloween. When else could you dress up as fun characters and not be put away in a mental institute? (Okay, maybe in certain Las Vegas shows but other than that) Btw, I know there are also those who only attend church events where the kids dress as Biblical characters. That's cool. But being the naturally rebellious person that I am, I would have to show up with Jezebel, Molech, and the Gadarene Demoniac in tow. Hey, they ARE biblical characters!

Without further ado (read: useless rambling) here are some pictures of those who dressed up in our crew.

Shirley Temple (as previously pictured)

Charlie Brown

Princess Fiona -Mamoune won a costume contest at the town carnival.

We were all so proud of our little ogre.

Cruella Deville...Cruella Deville...if she doesn't scare you... yada, yada.

No, I do not promote the use of tobacco products!

I had trouble finding white hairspray so I went with what I had. Oh, and while I was getting ready, Mamoune said "Mom, you already look evil and scary." Yes, dear. But that's my natural look. Tim was supposed to be Shrek but bailed on us and the boys made a lame attempt to dress as army guys because apparently 7 and 9 year olds dressing up is suddenly uncool. How uncool can you be with Cruella Deville as a mom? puh-lease.


Aubrey said...

lol! I am going to book mark this for when I run into that with my kids!!

How on earth did you get Mamoune that GREEN?!?!?!

Joanna Christmas said...

It was one thing to see Mamoune with just the face painted green, but the neck too...pretty scary. But I'll say, when I opened the door and you were standing there, I really was scared. You made a good one!

Momto13 said...

I love the costumes!! WOW!!
Blessings :)

The Sexton Crew said...

The trick to Mamoune's green was Crayola paint. Seriously. The halloween style face paint was like $5 for a tiny little tray of weird colors and not enough green. The crayola -1.99 for a big tube. NON Toxic, washable. I figured why not?

By the end of the night she was drying out and crackled and her neck was itching a bit from the dryness. We washed her off and put some moisturizer on and she was fine.


Dotwigg said...

WOW!! I love the corrected theology. What a great perspective, after all it is all about God and living victoriously.

Loved the costumes, very creative!!