Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lessons from the Little Ones

Yesterday, I handed Bella her sippy cup. She made her way through the kitchen and stopped abruptly at the oven door. With a keen eye she sized up the small girl staring back at her. Then gripping her cup with both arms and turning her body slightly she said, "Mine. Mine! MINE!!" Apparently satisfied that the other curly haired girl was no real threat, she moseyed away. I shook my head and thought "What a silly girl standing there screaming selfishly at her own image." And then the Holy Spirit whispered into my conscience "oh yeah, she's the silly one." The Holy Spirit is very sarcastic when he speaks to me.

So, I was forced to evaluate myself. How many times have I, having been made in God's image (some days it's a more accurate reflection than others) clamped my hands (or heart) around some object or desire then stared up at Him saying, "Mine. Mine! MINE!!!"? Too often. Much too often. And even here in the season of giving, how many of us will cling to the things we somehow think we are entitled to: our family traditions, finding the perfect gift, the money that we could give to Lottie Moon OR we could buy another Santa sweater for Aunt Gertrude. Never mind that she has one for every year since 1982.

If God is the giver of every good and perfect gift, and He is; and if it all belongs to Him to begin with, and it does; and if we are supposed to be the reflection of His image, and we are...then maybe this Christmas we can relax our grip, open our hands (and hearts) and say, "Yours. Yours. Yours!"


Bobbey said...

The best life lessons learned are often the ones through our children.

Amy said...

That's good. Thanks for sharing.
the other Amy

Nancy said...

Hey this is off the subject but when are you going to update the picture. Justus is going to get a complex if you don't include him soon.

Nancy said...

Oh and yes my greatest lessons came and still do come from my relationships with my kids. The lessons get deeper as the kids get older.