Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back to the Future

Sometimes in order for people to fully grasp where you are going, they need to know something of where you've been. Most of you know that we have been to Haiti multiple times, that we adopted our daughter from Haiti, and that we have felt a connection to this country for a long time. But it's worth reiterating.

Many of you know that the other couple we will be working with are friends of ours, which lends itself tremendously to our excitement; but I thought you might want to know exactly how this friendship came to be.

Once upon a time...

There was a small, faraway land called "Mountainous". In this faraway land were many children in need of homes. Across the sea in another great and prosperous land were three beautiful fairies named Krisella, Tarafia, and Amielina who wanted to help the children of Mountainous find loving families through adoption. Each of them, in God's timing, began working with the same adoption agency. But the three fairies soon realized that lurking in the shadows was an evil presence; a wicked sorcerer who ruled by fear and deceit. Krisella, Tarafia, and Amielina began praying together daily and cried out to God to help them overcome evil with good and to protect the precious lives of the Mountainous children. Because of their willingness to stand for Truth and with the help of many more good fairies, the evil queen was driven from the land. And Krisella, Tarafia, and Amielina became the best of friends!

Okay, enough with the storybook version. You know the kind of friendship that just clicks? Even though you live miles away and you only see each other every couple of years, the minute you're together it seems like no time has passed? That's what these ladies are to me. And now, here we are about to be neighbors with one of my best friends. And who knows, maybe God has plans to bring the three avengers back together again. =)

If you haven't already checked out the Livesay Weblog -you should. We can't wait to live and work along side this family. Aside from knowing that we are walking in obedience, this is the best part! It's almost as if there is a sovereign God of the universe orchestrating on our behalf to accomplish more than we could ever ask or imagine. hmmmm.


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Nice story. I would rather have been Taralina.

Tarafia sounds like a pharmacuetical product for hair loss or something.

And yes, it is almost like "there is a sovereign God of the universe orchestrating on our behalf to accomplish more than we could ever ask or imagine."

You're onto something there. That's why I've always liked you, you're wicked smart.

Karla Brown said...


That story sounds very familar. You put it very nicely Amie!

I am so happy for your family. I will be praying as you make all the arrangements to leave for Haiti.

I hope to meet you in person some day Amie!

Love and prayers
Karla Brown

The Sexton Crew said...

Tarafia -deal with it. Amiefia sounds like some kind of overstyled poodle. How do you feel about "taragoonia"? ;-)

Karla -I have seen your posts on Tara's site and am glad to hear from you. You have always been such a great encourager and I would love to meet you some day. Thanks for your prayers.

kris meadows said...

The third avenger is thrilled to have the other two in one place for a change....we're down to two locations, girls, and now we know who has to visit whom!

Very excited to see God put the two of you in the same ministry....He must be preparing for some wicked smart, highly introspective and way too organized ministry to happen! Wahoo!