Thursday, January 18, 2007

Banana Boat to Haiti

I'm not sure that I've ever seen a banana boat but I imagine something like this.

And while we are on our way to Haiti, those of you who know about my (Amie's) shark phobia will know that this is not how we will get there!

For our first post, I thought we could begin by telling you what you will and will not see on this blog. Let's start with the not's:

1. There will NOT be a lot of fluff.
2. There will NOT be an overuse of platitudes or Christian cliches.
3. There will NOT (Lord willing) be any pictures of Amie in a bathing suit!

"What will there be?" you ask. Well...

1. There will be honesty. It is in fact the best policy.
2. There will be reality. We are real people going to a real place to serve a real God!
3. There will be sarcasm in heaping spoonfuls. It's an acquired taste so keep coming back. ;-)
4. There will be amazing stories of God's faithfulness in the midst of incredible, exciting, and even scary circumstances.
5. There will be amazing stories of God's faithfulness in the midst of boring daily life.

We are just a normal family (normal being relative) who have the grace of God being dumped on our heads daily, though we sometimes fail to recognize it. We are beginning our journey to work in Haiti with Children's International Lifeline and are excited to see how God will provide for our every need.
Oh, and by the way, if you have previously read the Livesay Blog (our friends and soon to be co-missionaries) and you've come here hoping to find some deeper level of spiritual awareness and thought provoking insights without all the sass or edginess... stop reading now! You will be disappointed.

Photo credit -Troy Livesay


Wendell said...

Tim and Amie,
After spending Fri. reading about Haiti and praying for your family,the Liveysay's, the people of haiti, the ones left behind. I was cought up in the emotion of missing ya'll. Then after talking to you at Wallmart and the comment Amie made. I realized it's a God sized thing. May God bless all envolved.
Your Brouther In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Rejoice with those that rejoice!
It has been so awesome to see how God's hand is working to call friends of the Livesay's to join them in LaDigue, Haiti. Your family!
Just want to let you know that I am praying that your support will come in quickly so you can soon join them. May God bless you in all your preparations--physical, material and especially spiritual!