Monday, January 22, 2007


I have spent most of my life perfecting the art of avoidance. I avoid exercise. I avoid large mirrors. I avoid plates while eating cheesecake -it's so much better straight out of Ron Millender's spring form pan! And topping the list -I avoid scales.

How fitting that my life should suddenly be consumed by two things: pounds and inches. Let's do a little comparison, shall we?.

50 lbs of peanut butter is A LOT of stinkin' peanut butter.
Only 50 lbs of clothes is not very much.
50 lbs of marshmallows is a smores lover's dream.
Only 50 lbs of books is a home school mom's nightmare.
50 lbs of Entenmann's chocolate donuts is a perfect midnight snack.
Only 50 lbs of shoes could be cause for a mental breakdown.

But I'm taking it all in stride. I purchased two new sets of sheets for the boys bedrooms to be shipped down in the housewares bin. Did you know that by removing the cardboard fillers and product labels you can save a whopping 1.2 lbs?! Can you see me swelling with pride? Every little bit counts. Let no space be wasted!
As long as they don't make me stand on the scale we should be okay. Otherwise, we'll have to pay the $25 surcharge fee several times over.
(side not to the Duncan's: The IMB is mean. Fight the system! We believe in you.)


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

American Airlines charges $25 to go over 50 lbs --- up to 70 lbs.

They charge $100 for an extra bag of 50 lbs.

The smartest way to do it is just pick one or two bags that are 70lbs, then keep the rest at 50 ... it is still cheaper to pay the $25 for the 20lbs ---- shipping through Agape mail is more expensive than that and you add customs taxes too. Since you are going to be LIVING here, you'll be glad you spend $50 or $100 to get another 40 or 80 lbs of stuff down here.

My 2 cents.

luanne said...

You could have some people go with you that aren't staying and they could take their 50 pounds and leave it with you. We did that once, sort of, when I was moving back from Texas. Mama and Daddy came out with empty suitcases and I filled them up and sent them back. After all, I had to fit all my life's posessions in a Volkswagon Beetle to bring them home. Just a thought. If you knew someone who could fly free and was willing, it might work!

You might regret this blog thing. Now you get to hear my opinion on your life and circumstances all the time-and without asking. For me, it is a dream come true!!

Karla Brown said...

Hey Amie:

I loved Luanne's post!

Just curious as to if you guys have a time frame, yet, of when you will go to Haiti.

Praying for you all,