Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Timing is Everything

Most non-American cultures pay little to no attention to external time constraints. They do what they do when they do it. They get where they're going when they get there. But here in the states, we are seriously time sensitive. We get up by the alarm clock, we punch in at work, we have scheduled lunch meetings, we punch out, we set the VCR for our favorite shows, and so on and so on.

You could argue that this is necessary in order to accomplish the most for the Lord and to avoid chaos. That's noble. But if we are honest with ourselves -don't worry, I'll be honest on your behalf =) - it's all about control. We like living by the clock because it gives us the sense that we are somehow dictating the events of our days. Then, just about the time we've got it all planned out...God steps in.

Suddenly, we see ourselves for the feeble, frail, and utterly helpless creatures we are and are faced with two options. We can:

A) throw ourselves on the floor, kicking and screaming the hours away in devastation over our loss of pseudo-power (we've done this before. It's not pretty)


B) surrender our plans to the Lord and take each day as it comes trusting that if He can handle the creation of the universer in 7 days, He can probably handle our measly 70+ years on earth.

We are trying to embrace "B" though confessing that we often find ourselves revving up for a good tantrum. We've been asked by several of you, "when?" Here are the answers as best we can tell...

When will get to Haiti? In His time.
When will our house sell? In His time.
When will Smudge find a new home? In His time.
When will we take care of the 8,000,000 details staring us in the face? In His time.

We have some goals and possibilities but even in the last two days God has shown us that He is under no obligation to meet our expectations. And yet, He is quite capable of exceeding them!

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Runner Mom of 4 said...

Hey Tim & Amy, we feel your pain! Unfortunately we tend to kick and scream... I hate that.:-)

...but I love your blogs. You did get a little spiritual tonight though. :-)