Sunday, January 28, 2007

Initial Shock Over here's the rest of the story. None of you were very far out of "the loop" so there isn't much to catch up on.

After preparing last October for an adoption placement that didn't work out quite the way we'd anticipated, and then more recently deciding that God was leading us to uproot to the mission field; we made the assumption (and you all know what that means) that God had closed the door on adoption for now. We had discussed several times that we needed to notify the adoption agency that our circumstances had changed and that it may be best to take us off the "waiting families" list. Praise God, we are slow and He is Sovereign.

We got the call on Monday night and picked up our little bundle of sunshine on Thursday morning. And to think that some of you spend 9 months getting ready for this, pshaw! ;-) We are trusting that since God chose to give us two of our hearts desires at the same time, He must have a plan!
The big question many are asking is "how are you handling a new baby and preparing to move to another country?" Well, let me tell you. It takes diligence, self-discipline, impeccable organization skills, and complete focus on the task at hand.

Too bad NO ONE in this family has those qualities! We are living in utter chaos...
(the People's exhibits A & B)
Trying to downsize and de-clutter while adding a new human and all the trappings that go with her is challenging. (read: insane) The good news is Miss Isabella is allowed a diaper bag as a carry on in addition to our normal baggage allowance. I can just see it now-
FAA Agent: Ma'am, what is this?
Amie: It's my daughter's diaper bag.
Agent: Can you explain a few of these items?
Amie: Sure!
Agent: Is this a crock pot?
Amie: Uh, no sir. It's a, um, portable baby bottle warmer. Never leave home without it!
Agent: And the blender?
Amie: Portable baby food mixer.
Agent: Stereo system?
Amie: Portable bedtime music.
Agent: Size 9 1/2 tennis shoes.
Amie: We expect her to grow into them any day now.
Thinking ahead...always thinking ahead! =)


Wendell said...

We had a good laugh at the "FAA conversation". ROTFLOL. The good thing is, we get to keep you for a little while longer.
Love ya'll
Wendell, Jim, and Becky

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Hey Ames-
Are you getting any sleep? The hardest part about babies is the waking up all night ... Phoebe is getting out of her orphanage conditioning and is learning that we will feed her in the night ... the poor thing was not waking at first because she was used to being ignored. I have been going to bed at 9pm so I can deal better with being up at 2am. I hope you are getting rest and doing well. I am curious to hear how you're coping with everything and if Lifeline is cool with the new time-line. We love you guys. Our baby girls are going to be friends. How exciting!