Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tim's First Blog

I never understood blogs. I never wanted to read blogs. But now I'm reading the Livesay's blog religiously. I'm reading OUR blog religiously! I check in just to see what my wife wrote--how weird is that? I could just TALK to her. Hmmm...I might try that next time.

Anyway, the work around here has begun. The kitchen floor is torn up in preparation for new tile (sorry no pic due to dead camera batteries), there are cardboard boxes all over the house, and we've got more to do than could ever be done. The children are reacting to the chaos in different ways:

Nathan - worry, occasionally whine, analyze everything
Mamoune - dance, sing, focus on self
Isaiah - acts happy and clueless but his underwhelming behavior betrays his emotions

I won't tell you how Tim and Amie are handling the mess.

Tonight we watched "Cheaper By the Dozen." Here's a hint: If you're planning to move soon, don't watch "Cheaper By the Dozen." The whole premise is that moving stinks, parents who change things stink, and anywhere but home stinks. Needless to say, I had to do a little "Hey, moving to a third world country where we could all get sick and there's no more TV and everything will be different WILL BE FUN!!" counseling.

Not sure if they bought it.

Well, nobody said this would be easy. Can't wait to see what Amie writes tomorrow...

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Runner Mom of 4 said...

Tim & Amie! I am so excited to hear about you guys moving to Haiti. Forgive my ignorance, but have you moved? I read all your blogs (and loved them) but couldn't quite figure out where you are at. If you're still here we'd love to see you before you go. Ken & I started blogging last year and love it! I'm going to link to your blog from my blog. I love to read good blogs and yours is great!