Sunday, April 13, 2008

Anything You Can Do

...I can do better.

We don't have a lot of boy versus girl power struggles in our house. There are several reasons.

First, because our kids are under the influence of a somewhat strong-willed, slightly opinionated, and teensy bit stubborn alpha female. Secondly, because our kids are also under the influence of a very godly alpha male who loves said female very much and the two have spent years learning their prospective biblical roles despite the aforementioned traits of said female. They see Daddy open the car door for Mommy but they also know Mommy can open a pickle jar if she needs to. :)
Thirdly, because Mamoune has Haitian breeding on her side. She is strong. Very strong.

But just today, the kids (plus one of our adopted neighborhood kiddos) were playing video games. The girls were up and I must say, even I was a bit embarrassed by their performance. Mamoune spent most of the race with the words "WRONG WAY" flashing on the screen while Jayla had to repeat the same jump over and over and over with the same fatal result. It was inevitable that the boys would seize this opportunity to establish themselves atop the proverbial totem pole.

"Girls stink at this game!" "You don't even know how to ride a motorbike." "Ya'll are the slowest drivers ever!"

I would have smugly pointed out that it is completely illogical to equate a game with actual skill as a motorist and that neither of these two boy creatures has nor ever will acquire a license based on their PlayStation skill level. That's what I would've done. Mamoune chose to go a different direction altogether.

"Well, too bad boys don't even know how to paint their fingernails."

I decided not to share that on Celebrity Apprentice one of the Backstreet Boys actually did paint his fingernails. I hated to poke holes through Mamoune's uh, rock solid and completely rational argument. Plus, the boys may have seen this as a challenge and I'd rather not go there.


Heather said...

cough* cough* you're a little taller. your hands must be a little bigger than mine...

Finally I looked up Brooke on American Idol. I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you!

Amy said...

That makes me think of a little girl (well, she's not little anymore but she was when she said this) I used to babysit. For some reason there was fierce competition between her and my daughters. She told my kids once that her daddy could pee with his panties on.

They used to play Mariocart back in the day of Super Nintendo and when they picked their driver this little girl said she didn't want the Princess again because that Princess was a bad driver. She didn't relate it back to her controls, she just thought the Princess was a bad driver. Kids are so funny.
the other Amy

Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

I can tell you that Mamoune and her Haitian blood will make her strong until the day she leaves this earth --- the pure moxy of the people is shocking to me. I am pretty sure the scrawniest little Haitian woman could kick my butt in a fight --- and I have huge pipes.

love you

Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

and when i say pipes == i mean arms --- two tickets to the gun show.

The Sexton Crew said...

Glad you clarified. I thought maybe you meant pipes as in you could scream your lungs out and scare the small but mighty Haitian women.