Friday, April 25, 2008

You Got It

Come on, you know this one. Sing along with me...

"Anything you want -you got it!
Anything you need -you got it!
Anything at aaaaalllll -you got it!"

It all started yesterday when I pointed out a strange spot on my leg that I don't remember being there before and asked Tim if he thought it looked like skin cancer. He shrugged and said, "ask the doctor." Then this morning I asked if he thought I had diabetes. He wanted to know what my symptoms were.

"Um, I keep dreaming about sugar -coffee with tons of creamer, hot chocolate, fudge brownies, ice cream, you name it I've dreamed about it."

"Okay, what else?"

"That's all."

No answer. Only a look. Then this afternoon he walked by the computer as I was reading up on Parkinson's disease. He stopped and questioned me. "I just noticed that when I hold my coffee cup up to my mouth my arm shakes really bad."

He said, "Let me get this straight, since yesterday you have developed skin cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's?"


You can do the same thing Tim did -shake your head and walk away.

btw, according to dreaming of sugar indicates that I am "denying myself pleasures in life" and should "indulge without considering the consequences." However, dreaming of chocolate denotes that I am "indulging myself" and should "practice some restraint." Wow, that's helpful. I plan to take the best of both worlds and deny myself restraint while practicing indulgence. =)


Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

Dear Dork,

You shake when you drink coffee because you are drinking too much caffeine and eating too much chocolate which has caffeine it it. Cross Parkinsons off the list.

I cannot speak to the likelihood of either skin cancer or Diabetes.

I have my own health problems that consume my every spare moment. I am 100% certain that I am allergic to seams. I get hives all the time, right where there are seams touching my skin. SOLVE that one!

The Sexton Crew said...

Okay, I can't solve that one BUT I can recommend that you and Troy become the first nudist camp missionary family. That would take care of the problem, don't you think?

Oh and fyi, we'll pass on the prayer card.

LisaSlater said...

Good idea, Amie. It's not a real stretch for Tara to become a nudist...

LisaSlater said...

BTW, my doc told me that the back of your legs are the most likely place you would develop skin, yeah, you probably do have skin cancer.

LisaSlater said...

Now I just feel liking leaving another comment. Even though it's technically not deserved (so you claim anyway), I wanted to tell you I think of you every time I drive by a house in our neighborhood that has a sign that says "Dale Earnhardt Jr. Parking Only".

Leo said...

On the bright side, sick people usually get whatever they want, especially sugar.

The Sexton Crew said...

My, what encouragers you all are. :-)

Lisa -I must know them because as you know all Dale Earnhardt fans are related. Cousins...through marriage...of each other.

I think there's a sign as you cross the Mason-Dixon line that says "Incest -it's a southern thing."

Fodder for your upcoming book "the joy of southern stereotypes." ;-)