Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't Know Much

...thus the lack of consistent blogging. I'm sorry. Here are a couple of fun moments for you:

Yesterday, the kids and I were discussing random things and they asked what constitutes being a "toddler." I was trying to explain that it is usually the time when a child is walking but not always steadily, and getting into things -toddling around as it were. They were amazed to find out that they, too, had once gone through a toddler stage. And even more amazed to think that the adults in their life had shared this experience as well. They began filing through individuals and laughing at the mental image of them as toddlers. Then Nathan said, "Even Mrs. Teri was a toddler once."

For those who don't know, Teri is very close friend who stands at least a good head, maybe two, taller than...uh...Lucky the Leprechaun. Vertically challenged she is. So, I paused for a second and said, "I think Mrs. Teri's still in her toddler stage." The kids howled with laughter. Then Mamoune added quite sincerely, "You know Mom, she is always getting into things."

Teri -if you are reading; I'm sure she meant getting into things like the Word, and serving, and gardening. Good things like that. I'm sure that's what she meant. =)

Then the topic switched to the kids Wednesday night teacher. Nathan says that she is pregnant. Mamoune says "no way, her tummy's not even fat." Then Isaiah set us all straight. Is she pregnant?

Isaiah: NO! She is not! Her son plays baseball!!!

(looks of confusion passing between me and the other two children)

Me: What does Dalton playing baseball have to do with her being pregnant?

Isaiah: Because nobody would take a brand new baby to a baseball game. duh!

Well, there you go.

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Lisa said...

ROTFLOL! Out of the mouth of babes. They better get a head start running. Mrs. Teri may be small but she is mighty.