Monday, April 21, 2008

Into Jesus

We recently started using days of the week magnets to organize our prayer cards on the fridge by region, relationship, etc. It has greatly helped us to be consistent in lifting our missionaries up by focusing on a few families/individuals each day. Maybe you are better about this than we are but we needed a plan.

Today (and every Monday) is Cory and Jena day. Jena is a wonderful friend of mine (what up, girl?!) who is serving in Uganda, Africa. And Cory is her wonderful, not-so baby brother serving as a Marine in Japan.

This was Isaiah's prayer for Cory today:

"God, please help Cory to get those boys involved in Jesus."

Involved in Jesus. The minute he said it I felt such conviction. (that's the last time I listen to my six year old pray -kidding) The phrased rolled over and over in my head. I thought Lord, we get involved in so many things. Wouldn't you agree? We get involved in church activities, and we get involved in Bible studies; we get our kids involved in sports, and we try to get ourselves and others involved in community and serving. And those things aren't bad. They aren't wrong. But my heart just sighed at the simplicity that seemed inherent in that statement. Simplicity and definitive purpose that I know my heart has been crying out for.

I want to be involved in Jesus.

Do I know exactly what that looks like? No, and I'm sure it's a little different for each of us. But at the very least I can figure out what Jesus was involved in which seemed to me to be love, truth, and people. More specifically, loving people into the truth and truthing people in love. (truth in it's verb form ;-))

Certainly that includes activity within the body of Christ and activity in community -not for mere busyness' sake but for the purpose of getting others involved in Jesus who get others involved in Jesus who get others...

What do you say? Wanna get involved?


The Millenders said...

I have been pondering this as well - I want to be into Jesus in a more personal way - I think that we get into our ruts and we aren't into Jesus! So count me in! -C

Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

Love it.

Jena Tager said...

MMMMMMWAH! I can't thank you enough! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE U AND YOUR FAMILY. 56 DAYS UNTIL I GRACE YOU WITH MY PRESENCE! So be extremely excited - I'm taking a bet as to who will shed the most tears (ie: you or my daddy) lol