Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to Life

Don't you hate when you find a blog that you enjoy reading and the owner's don't post for days? I can't stand it either. So, for the three of you who haven't completely given up on us and are still checking in -we're finally back! We were attacked by viruses on every front including our computer but I think we are de-bugged now and ready to get back into the flow of life.

Our fund raising letters are in the mail! The BIG yard sale is planned for March 24th and our downstairs is full of empty moving boxes. The Haiti bins are slowly being filled to capacity and most of our large furniture has been "claimed" either for purchase or for storage. Things are moving forward.

Originally, the sale of the house was our biggest question mark in terms of when we would get to Haiti. Now that's taken care of and many of you are wondering when we will head out. The answer is -we still don't know. Here's how it breaks down. Amie will not leave the country without Isabella. Isabella cannot leave the country without a passport. She cannot get a passport without a birth certificate. She cannot get a birth certificate until her adoption is finalized. It is up to God (working through the state of North Carolina) to determine when that happens. We are waiting and trusting in His timing.

In the meantime we will be living... in a barn. Don't worry, each child has their own stall and there's plenty of fresh hay and grains which will save a bundle on groceries. There's lots to see and explore and cows right there in the front yard. When Mommy needs a break, I'll just dress the kiddo's in red and throw 'em into the pasture to run from the bull. Hours of entertainment built right in. ;-) Actually, we will be living in this barn which has a wonderful little apartment built over the stalls, thanks to the incredible generosity of friends from our church. It'll be a tight squeeze but the kids are so excited. I can already see how God's going to use this time to strengthen us -if we don't kill each other.


Mark & Kristen said...

well I guess we need to come get the bunkbed and our tools. Let us know what evening is good to stop by when you all aren't running around crazy people! If there is such a night in your life right now!

Wendell said...

I am so excited, waiting for your next BLOG. Then this, OVER LOAD.

Wow, how cool, living in a barn.I've slept in simalar places. But that's another story(life).
Your Blogs are great!
Excited about what God is doing.

nancy said...

Hey Jesus lived in a barn.
Well for a few days anyway.
Next time your kids leave the door open and you ask them if they live in a barn, they can say, " Well... Yeah"
Sounds like an adventure. Barn mice are so cute too!!