Friday, March 2, 2007

Calling All Prayer Warriors

You've heard of the recent bouts with noroviruses? The horrible beast preying on entire families, day cares, schools, etc.? Well, it landed on our house last night and took down its first victim -me. And given the initial symptoms...headache, low fever, achiness, this thing is currently working its magic on Tim. That's right. Two parents down for the count at the same time. This could get really ugly.

So, after dragging myself up the stairs to get a heating pad for my back, it seemed wise to use what energy I have left to implore you all to pray! I am learning to care for a one month old without touching her face, hands, pacifier, bottle, or anything else she might put in her mouth. Basically, I'm good for diapering and the rest requires extensive hand washing and then delegation to the eagerly waiting (and I must admit) amazingly competent big sister. Mamoune has fed, rocked, entertained, and changed Bella today and even blessed her mom with a back rub. There's wonderful beauty in a serving heart and being sick is worth getting a glimpse of it.

Lots of families in our church have dealt with this exact situation so we don't mean to sound like wusses. Just pray that the children will be protected, especially the one most susceptible to dehydration and that I will have supernatural strength for the next couple of days. Thanks guys!

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