Saturday, March 3, 2007

March Progress Report

You may have thought that we'd forgotten the actual purpose of this blog -to keep you informed of our progress. The whining, spousal humiliation, and self deprecation are just bonuses. Lucky you. So, here is an official update:

1. After a week and a half of being on the market, our house is UNDER CONTRACT! How unbelievable is that? I flip-flop constantly between being really impressed with God and how quickly He can work and being a weeping glob of mush because it's happening too fast for my brain to grasp. mushing right now, give me a sec. If all goes through (the loan has been pre-approved), we will close on April 5th.

2. In light of #1, we have MUCH packing to do and I'm not sure where to begin. There's the what we need for now pile, the what we will need now and in Haiti pile, the what we won't need until we get to Haiti pile, and the what needs to be sold pile. One month and counting to sort it all out.

3. Bella's adoption is still in the early stages. We are still waiting for birth father issues to be dealt with. With the quick sale of the house, God has certainly captured my attention. But Him still being God and me still being not, I am left only to wonder. Will He amaze us again by moving her paperwork through at breakneck speed? OR will He give us several months together in a confined space to stretch and grow as a family while dragging her adoption out? I do know for sure that whichever He chooses is the right thing. Can I have a volunteer to repeat these words to me in the next few months? =)

4. On the more immediate front -we are feeling much better. We are both a little worn but greatly improved. Thank you for praying.

5. Our fundraising letters and pledge cards are ready for printing and we hope to get them in the mail next week. Also, the prayer card photo has been touched up -Isaiah is actually looking at the camera now, yeah technology. We'll let you know as soon as they are available.

We now return this blog to it's usual programming of meaningless ramblings and daily minutiae.


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Glad you are feeling better. I can't believe how wonderfully the house sale has gone for you! We will keep the adoption in our prayers and for an easy transition to Haiti for yall.