Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If cleanliness is next to godliness...

we are in big, fat trouble! I spent the last four years learning how to be a decent housekeeper. This is not natural for me. I am a slob at heart (you can read more about that on but I had really gotten a handle on things until now. Now, I don't know what's what. It all runs together. And the wonderful people who've offered to help have each been met with a similar response. I don't know how to tell you to help me. As Shelby McRoy put it, "so, you need to organize to get organized?" Well, yeah. You know the point when things are so spread out and so chaotic that you cannot even begin to direct someone else? This is where we are.

And while organizing to organize may sound crazy. There are crazier things out there. For example when my mom use to make us clean a hotel room, including making the bed, before the cleaning lady came. That was crazy. I don't think she still does this. Ten grandchildren go a long way toward lowering a person's standards -eh, mom? =)

If you've offered to help only to get a blank stare and weak shrug... it's me, not you. I hope that after the yard sale this Saturday, which will clear out a heap load of stuff, I'll be able to take advantage of your willing hands. In the meantime, we can accept help in the following forms:

1. Pray and keep praying.
2. We will be setting up for the yard sale on Friday afternoon. If you can move boxes, set up tables, or price items, come on by. Helpers get first dibs on our "treasures".
3. If you can add, negotiate, or just look pitiful enough to get the best price on our stuff, then come on Saturday and we'll put you to work.
4. If you really don't want to work but are the king and/or queen of "yard sale-ing" then you can just come and shop, Saturday 8am - 1pm.

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