Saturday, March 17, 2007

Controlled Chaos...

is not what we have here. Oh no. This is just chaos-chaos. (Anyone remember the Little Ceasar's guy "pizza-pizza"? =)) We have an official closing date of April 5th. Of course, we have to vacate the property before that day so we will actually be moving on or around the 31st. Today is the 17th -don't worry I'll do the math for you: we have exactly two weeks to pack up and get out.
Frank and Angela Pribyl are coming this morning to help me organize and box up stuff while Tim is mission conferencing. Then, they are going to indulge my children in a movie while the two of us sneak off for coffee and some much needed processing time. Them's guud peepuhl.
Since we haven't put up fun photos in a few posts and I know that plain old text gets boring after awhile, I thought I would give you another installment of silly Bella expressions. Have a great weekend!

You're gonna powder what?!

Hey!! I'm talking to you!

Kiss me, you fool!

Do we favor?

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