Thursday, March 1, 2007

Christmas in March?

My children are incredibly creative, imaginative, and well, weird. I have no doubt that all of these traits will serve them well when we get to Haiti. Today they decided to fashion a Christmas tree in the back yard. It's a little hard to see but here's the finished product.

I'll try to point out some of the details for those of you simple-minded folks out there who don't see the obvious genius behind the creation. ;-) The tree itself is a large branch which they stuck into the ground. The rope serves as "lights" and the pine needles, cones, and uh, the goggles are ornaments. And naturally the rusted out tea pot is the star. Sort of gives you a new found respect for ol' Charlie Brown.

"Star of wonder, Star of light. Star with royal beauty bright..."

Warms the heart. Eggnog anyone?

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