Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Move Over Governor

Make way for the "Tim-inator."

Lots of us make New Year's resolutions, right? And lots of us break them by January 2nd. Well, not Tim Sexton. I am here to testify that my husband keeps his resolutions. He made two this year. The first was this: to do one push up for each day of the month. January 1st he did one. 2nd -two, 3rd -three, you get the idea. He continued adding through February and just recently hit 60 push-ups. 60! More than he's been able to do his entire life! (his words, not mine) He recently pointed out to me that there is no fat around his chest...all muscle. It's true and I am impressed. I did however ask that he refrain from flexing in public. It can be so embarrassing. =)

In addition to these bulging new pecs, I thought he would like to know that he has been an inspiration to people like myself. Thanks to his example, I have decided to forge my own battle of self-discipline. I believe that I can, through sheer determination, eat one Entenmann's chocolate donut for each day of the month beginning March 1st. (the readers gasp) I know it is a mighty undertaking, a bold and courageous feat but just imagine -by March 31st, I will have trained and conditioned my body through unwavering will power to consume 2 and 1/2 dozen donuts in one sitting. And incidentally, I may also be able to crush 2 and 1/2 small children in one sitting by then as well. Run!...Bella...Run!

On the serious side of things, Tim's second resolution came through our Sunday School class (shout out to the Living Room!). We made a list of goals for the year which, apart from God, seemed impossible. Tim's goal was for this to be a year of living in and leading others to "radical obedience to Christ." God was ready and waiting to match that commitment with opportunity.
And again, I can testify that my husband is keeping his resolution, though his humility will hate that I am saying so. We get tripped up pretty regularly and maybe lose some ground but I am so thankful for a husband who leads his family into radical obedience. (and has a nice chest to boot ;-))

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Go "chester bones"!!