Saturday, February 3, 2007


The bottom line is this: no one values your stuff the way you do. Oh, and sentimental value yields no profit unless it lies with the buyer. That being said, we did fairly well at our first yard sale. We got rid of a lot. We have a lot yet to sell. I only lost control of my emotions once -thanks Frank. =) Never ask a woman who is watching everything she owns being sold -"is it hard to watch everything you own being sold?" Let me think about it, uh, yeah.

In other news, thanks to the expertise and generosity of
our good friend Jay Keller, and the hard work and willingness of Ben McRoy and Dave Foss; we had our own landscaping extreme makeover yesterday! The plant beds are refreshed with a layer of pine straw. The house is enhanced by beautiful greenery and azaleas, and the tulip bulbs are just waiting to pop up with a splash of color. Unfortunately, our camera battery died yesterday and charging wasn't complete until after the project was done and the laborers were gone. (lame us, I know) But we are not without a photo for your enjoyment. Here we have Dave, convincingly re-enacting his role as pine straw scatterer. Notice how careful he is to separate the needles for the best coverage.
Truly, the house looks great. Combine the landscaping with the blessing of a much needed pressure washing by Jon Hughes, and the skilled tiling of the kitchen floor by our neighbor Stacey (yes, her side looks better than mine) and it's a shame we have to leave! And it is evident that God has given us some WONDERFUL friends. Thanks to all!

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