Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Days Events

-lest Tim be forced to communicate with his wife. ;-)

The kids and I ran a few errands today. Nothing particularly exciting. We had to go by the Department of Social Services to take care of some insurance paperwork. A few of you know that I whacked myself in the eye on a shelf corner three days ago. Brilliant, I know. Well, we spoke to our case worker, she came out and said hello to the kids, etc. It wasn't until we got back into the car and I glanced in the rear view mirror that I noticed the glaring purple and blue bruise covering my right eyelid. It wasn't there yesterday. I'll be expecting the call from the police department any minute now. "We saw the bruises, we've arrested your husband." The worst part will be having to tell the story of my stupidity as sworn testimony. Nothing like having legally binding documents which state "I, Amie Sexton, do solemnly swear that I am an idiot."

Next we headed to the library. My kids love the library. They love books. It was Isabella's first time. She belched like a 45 year old man after Thanksgiving dinner. I don't think she read the "quiet, please" signs. We'll begin our study of library etiquette right after she masters controlling her own head.

I must now go and read 25 books to three anxious children because spreading them out over the next two weeks makes no sense at all.


Anonymous said...

It could be worse, my cousin reached for a sausage ball across the table at a wedding she was in and lit her head afire on a tall candle. But if all else fails - blame the kids. "they colored my eyelid while I was napping - Tim was in on it!" ..."I slept right though it!" HA! HA!
- Rhonda L.

Odelia said...
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