Friday, February 23, 2007


Fridays are very special to me. Tim is home! Sometimes on Thursdays, I fall into bed not realizing what day it is. Then, I remember -tomorrow's Friday- and it feels like a 500 lb weight has been lifted off my head. Not that the week is so bad. But there's something about having another person in the house that renews my hope and peace of mind. Hope that I can pee without anyone screaming my name. Hope for a conversation that doesn't end with stomping. And lastly, the peace of mind that comes with those three magical words..."go, ask Daddy!" (deep refreshing sigh)

And this Friday is special for another reason. Tim's parents are on their way. They should be here around lunch time. So, Miss Isabella and her future best friend, Miss Phoebe Livesay, will both be meeting grandparents for the first time today. We are excited. I cleaned her up, lotioned her down, and put on one of her cutest, brightest outfits. She looks and smells great. What of the other children? uh, well, let's just say they haven't exactly been spit-shined. Maybe we'll make them brush their teeth before Papa and Borba arrive. Maybe. =) We'll post pictures of the grand event later tonight.

And if Tim being home and the grandparents coming weren't exciting enough???? Bella slept six straight hours last night!
Sing with me:
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.
Fridays are a beautiful thing.

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