Sunday, February 11, 2007

Daddy's Little Girl


Wendell said...

Every time I'm around your family, I walk away feeling so alive, so on fire for the gospel, so blessed. So what??? Now, ya'll are moving to Haiti. I'm joyful, confused, ready for ya'll to stay here, ready for ya'll to go.
The people of Haiti have a blessing in store for them. Not to mention the livsay's. Hay, what about your family. This will be a time of growth and blessing for you and Amie as well as your children.
Didn't know what to say. Just had to say something.
Love Ya'll

Mark & Kristen said...

Sexton parents,
So while bringing Copper to visit her buddy Smudge today your children had some very interesting comments.

(Nathan and Mamoune talking)

So Mr. Mark when are you and Ms. Kristen going to have a baby?

Mark: I don't know

Nathan: Well why don't you adopt one?

Mark: maybe

Nathan: Well my family will just get you one. Do you want a white one or a brown one?

Mamoune: (nudges Nathan) A brown one of course!

Mark: That would be great

Nathan: We'll get one from Haiti and bring it back!!

(then Copper and Smudge play some more)

The Sexton Crew said...

Mark and Kristen,

Too funny. Okay, so maybe my kids have a slightly idealistic view of adoption. It's a little more involved than just "getting you one". But I appreciate their boldness for the cause! And for the record, we have nothing against white kids. =)

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

HEY guys-
Isabella is a doll baby. We love you and wish you would tell us what the heck is goin on in them there parts. house on market? fundraising letter in mail? any news on b-dad causing any issues? give up the info ... Buster White.