Sunday, February 4, 2007

An Interview with a Smudgester

Recently a representative from "DogGoneIt" magazine sat down with Smudge Sexton to get his perspective on current events in the Sexton household. Here's the inside scoop from reporter, Callie Collie:

CC: First, let me say 'thanks' for the interview.
Smudge: No problem.

CC: Let's start with the basics. What breed are you exactly? You're not that large but I sense some big dog qualities about you.
Smudge: (laughing) Are you getting fresh with me, Callie? (more laughing) No, seriously, I'm just a medium sized guy. A little Beagle, a little Terrier. But I like to think I carry myself like a Doberman.

CC: Ah, so there's a little guard dog inside just waiting to be tapped into?
Smudge: Yeah, you could say that. I mean, let's face it, it's not likely I could take down a grown man but I could do some damage from the buttocks down. And that would give my family a heads up and some time to protect themselves.

CC: Your family? You still call them that even though they're, um, leaving you behind?
Smudge: I'm not the type to carry a grudge, ya know. They're good people. We've been together for over two years and it's been great. I especially like the curly-haired kid, Nathan. Oh yeah, he lets me lick all over his face and stuff. He doesn't even wipe the dog slobber off.

CC: Good people, great kids...but you're dodging the issue. Why aren't you going with them? Why do you suddenly need a new home while they do "their thing?"
Smudge: Truth is, I've given this Haiti thing some thought and I have to say that I agree with them.

CC: Really? How so?
Smudge: Well, first there's the whole plane ride.

CC: And?
Smudge: Ok, a smart dog like you, you've been around and travelled the the way, I loved that peice you did on the late great Rin-tin-tin. It was really touching. But anyway, I've never been on a plane and even with the "sleepy time cocktail" they can give you, I have no guarantees that I won't come out of there foaming at the mouth or chasing my own tail or something. You know, snapped, crazy even.

CC: That's a legitimate concern. Is there more?
Smudge: Sure. There's gonna be lots of people coming and going in Haiti. And that could be dangerous for a territorial dog like myself. I've gotten really good at recognizing the regulars around here but I get edgy when strangers get too close. I may not know who's a friend or foe, and suppose I take a snap at Donald or Arnold...I've heard those names but I don't know those guys. And we both know it would be all down hill from there.

CC: Sounds like you've really thought it through. But aren't you even going to miss them?
Smudge: Absolutely! Wrestling with the kids and the big guy, knowing they'll throw me a pillow to sleep on at night, the red-head who did most of my training -I got a lot of respect for her. She's the Alpha female. I'm gonna miss it all, yeah, I am. ahem, 'scuse me. I got a little something in my throat.

CC: You're smart, healthy, sensitive. Why hasn't another family snatched you up?
Smudge: Look at me. You're guess is as good as mine.

CC: Well, we wish you the best of luck, Smudge, and thanks again for sharing your story with our subscribers. Who knows? Maybe the perfect family is reading it right now.
Smudge: Could be, could be. But hey, either way, Callie, I'll give you my cell -off the record, and you call me sometime. We'll dig holes together.

CC: Lovely. Maybe some time when I haven't had a fresh grooming.


Mark & Kristen said...

And WE are the crazy ones? Dog party, dog interview...hmmm, tough call. We're praying for you guys!

Wendell said...

I met Smudge for the first time Sat. and thought he was great. Well behaved and as smart as a whip.
Read the interview to Buddy(Chinesse Powder Puff)and she thought Smudge should be ease to find a home for. Buddy said look for a family (maybe with youngens)that has a heart for left behind missonary dogs! Not just a dog homeless dog, but a left beind dog of a God called missonary family.

The Sexton Crew said...

Mark and Kristen,
You may have a point there. We recant our former criticisms. Doesn't Copper need a playmate? =)

Mark & Kristen said...

Copper is a bit spoiled. (Just a bit.) We tried the 2 furry children last didn't work out so well. Copper does hope that Smudge is still in the area so that they may get together for playdates.

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Just say you're putting Smudge to sleep ... as soon as you say that people will spring into action ... they just need a little push.

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

I am telling you. Put up a post that says "Smudge is going to be put to sleep." IN FIVE MINUTES you will have a taker for old Smudge. Test me on this.


The Sexton Crew said...

No wonder Peanut poops when Britt leaves...fear of you!

nancy said...

I feel for you. If our dog were'nt so old, we'd consider you coming to live with us, but you know how it is with those old dogs. Talk about territorial. Besides we don't have any little kids for you to slobber on and I know how important that is for a dog like you. Praying for you though.
Good luck finding another family. Hey Sandy found Annie. There's someone out there for you. Hang in there.