Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reader Participation

Okay. As mentioned in the prior post, we are working on our prayer card. We had family pictures taken on Saturday and thanks to Mr. Keith Shearon there were many great shots to choose from. We decided it would be fun to let you, our support system, decide which one we should go with. After all, many of you will be sticking this card on your fridge. The least we can do is let you have a say in what you'll have to look at for the next year or so. How about it? Which one of the following (we've narrowed it to 4) is the most "us"?

Choice A

Choice B

Choice C

Choice DPlease place your vote in the comment section. We will run the vote for about three days and then announce the winning picture! Thanks for your help.

Note: the final picture will be adjusted for best color, lighting, etc.


Anonymous said...

Since I am probably the only one reading this at 11:57 pm I get to vote first (Yippie!) I think choice D is the way to go for several reasons.
1. Isaiah looks as if there are a hundred thoughts running through his head (its intriguing... what's he thinking?)
2. Nathan is just chillin (always a fan of chillin)
and last but not least:
3. The quintessential Tim Sexton serious photo face almost resembles a smile.

Heather said...

I like "B". It feels very happy - everyone's smiles are so genuine(:

Anonymous said...

1st choice D, second choice A. Looking forward to meeting you. Licia in Cazale

nancy said...

Definately choice D
On the others some are in the shadows. I also love the pose on the last one. Great picture.

nancy said...

Having second thoughts on closer examination. C is good too because your faces are closer. Anyway of zooming in on D? Either picture would be good.


I vote for the first and the last. Since I am only a stalker I don't know your personalities but I like the laid back look of the last one and if you are more straight forward then the first one. I am thinking the last one from what I can tell about yall
from TX

Anonymous said...

I vote for choice D.

The Millenders said...

We like D!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you so can't say which is the "most you" - but I think that choice D shows you all the best and is a great family picture. I found your blog through the Livesay blog and have added your family to my prayer list! Mari

Anonymous said...

Ok, the Hughes' vote for "D". (Note: B would be our 2nd choice!)

Anonymous said...

Choice D, hands down.

Elizabeth Beatty

kd said...

First choice is D! It looks fun - like y'all. And I want one! :)

kd said...

I do love D! And I want a card!

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

I agree with many who have spoken. I like A a lot but Isaiah needs more light on his brown face. I like D --- just have them crop out all that background and show us more of your cute mugs.

I cannot wait for you to get here.

Have I mentioned that lately?

Kris said...

My vote goes to "A".

The Sexton Crew said...

kd -we'll be happy to send you a card but um, who are you? :-/

Kris -you just have to be different, don't you? Conform already.

Thanks for voting guys! Looks like D has a hefty lead. We'll see...


The Freeland Family said...

I just want to say that the color scheme is great! And I have to go with the crowd and say D as well...

Becky said...

I like A or B.


C looks like you are about to drop the baby off a balcony. (Just realize I have a bizarre twist sometimes in my thought process... I don't normally think of dropping babies off balconies, I just think it looks like you are holding her out over the ledge.)

Why don't I like D?
Because not everyone is looking at the camera, one of the boys is looking the left (or to your right).

I do like them all and had to get picky to be able to pick between them.


Becky in Okla
(A lurker from the Livesay's fan club, now part of your fan club)
Fan club= Prayer warriors who addictively read your blog everday.

Anonymous said...

Too many shadows on pics a,b,c. Go with d.

The Sexton Crew said...

Becky the lurker- you are very observant. The baby does appear to be dangling precariously over the edge. In fact, there was some reference to Michael Jackson made by my husband. I assure you she was never in danger though. =)

The main reason we put pic D up as an option despite the diverted eyes of our five year old was because well, that's just Isaiah. I wouldn't go so far as to say that he is ADD but I would label him as EDG (easily distracted goofball). I'm only okay with it because it's so stinkin' him.

Thanks for voting and for "lurking". We love being stalked by Livesay fans!

Becky said...

Well then,if D shows Isaiah's personality, then it might just be the right one.

I do agree with someone who posted earlier, the lighting on B is not right. Too many shadows in the wrong places and light in just as many wrong places.

So, given I now know a little more of Isaiah's personality, I vote
this way
Favorite: A
2nd Favorite: D


Becky in Okla
(Now returning to lurker mode)