Monday, September 24, 2007

9 Hours and Counting...

Okay. I pick Amie up in 9 hours. I've been a single dad for 3 days and 13.5 hours. The end is near (probably not the best word choice)...

Here's what I've learned so far:
1. MY 4 children are wonderful, manageable and at times even fun. My 4 children plus 24 neighborhood kids and 3,459 knocks on the door, 598 requests for water/snack/Playstation/bathroom/"can they play?"/etc., etc., nauseum, is less manageable and, honestly, not so much fun.

2. I have a great wife. You know what? She ain't lazy. She actually works long hours for very little (read: zero) pay.

3. My greatest friend is my attitude. My worst enemy is my attitude. Attitude is not a chameleon; it is a painter (think about it).

4. NEVER take children to the library.

5. NEVER take children to church.

6-10. Gotta go change a diaper. Sorry.

Amie, I love you. See ya soon, babe.

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