Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What A Rip!

I'm home and will soon fill you all in on the fun details of the trip but I must start by saying what a big loser you are Tara Livesay for ripping my best material while I'm stuck on a plane breathing recycled air. A plane (followed by another plane) that was, btw, delayed for an hour and forty minutes and didn't land in RDU until 12:04 a.m. Let's see, dropped off at 4:30 pm yielding a delightful 8 hours enjoying all the best of Northwest Air and their crummy $2 Pringles.

But despite the fact that many of you have already seen the evidence of excellent parenting on the Livesay blog, I would like to point out by a comparison of photos that....

Tara managed to rearrange the room while leaving the stove just as close to the crib as before. Nice. Maybe Phoebe's arms are a lot shorter in real life than in pictures. Why waste time on an easy bake oven when you can go straight to the real thing?

Up next...Minnesota Bound! (chapter one)


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Listen here chicky --- I ALLOWED you to photograph me in that outfit with morning hair -- knowing darn well you would be a dink and put it on your blog ----- the very LEAST I could do is beat you to the punch. I WILL NOT post any bad photos of you. I am far too sweet, kind, loving, etc etc for anything like that. Plus, I did not get any bad pictures of you.

Sorry your flight home was bad ... two planes? I thought it was on direct flight????

The Sexton Crew said...

"Dink" I am -with no apologies. =) And you better watch your tone, missy. I still have the morning cereal picture and I'm not afraid to use it.

It was a direct flight but we had to switch planes an hour after boarding the first due to "mechanical issues."