Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Apparently, unless I am humiliating someone else I have very little to say. A sad commentary on myself. shrug. Actually, the past week or so has shifted between completely hectic with little time to blog or completely boring with little to blog about. Either way you've been stuck looking at my dining room for too long now. Today is leaning toward one of those nothing much to say days so I decided to dig myself out of the pit a little by giving you my favorite Tim photos -no flaming orbs, er, I mean ears; no funny hairdos. Just my sweet husband (sweet and forgiving) being his usual, wonderful self! =)

Oh, and one BIG deal that I should've mentioned first -Nathan was baptized this past Sunday and his daddy baptized him. ("my son and my little brother in Christ" -very cool!) The pictures I took are dark and pitiful but I will try to get something worth looking at posted very soon.


Bobbey said...

I think these are my most favorite pics!

Anonymous said...


You are so blessed to be married to such a handsome, wonderful man! He is so affectionate and gracious with you and the children, and he is faithful. Wow. I'm so jealous of you. And how forgiving he must be!

An Infrequent Blogger

The Sexton Crew said...

Okay anonymous, I'm publishing this comment but I admit to being a little uncomfortable with a no-name person having such a high opinion of my husband. I'm glad you threw that FAITHFUL part in there. That is his number one quality!!

=) Amie