Saturday, September 22, 2007

Single Dad Report: Day 2

Never, ever say "nothing can go wrong," even if you're joking. Just minutes after yesterday's blog I took my 4 kids plus 1 neighborhood kid to the library. "Going to the library" sounds educational and amirable. Sounds great, like something a great dad would do.

Except that the library is a place where you're supposed to be QUIET! Grumpy babies aren't quiet. Long story short, between snooty librarians and an opinionated 9 month-old, I'm leaving "going to the library" to Amie.

Today was better. Only 1,375 knocks on the door from neighborhood kids (down 27 from yesterday). Amie, I don't know how you do it. I have the utmost respect for you. Nothing much else to say. We had a pretty good day. Tomorrow, however, is Sunday. A day for worship. A day sanctified for remembering our Savior's resurrection. A day to sanctimoniously pursue a relationship with God. A day to fight with children. A day to stress. A day to arrive late and irritated just in time to repent and confess. Anybody else enjoy Sundays like these?

And the message tomorrow is about marriage. Wonder what that is...


Anonymous said...

Super Dad blogs too! How *DO* you find the time? :-) Nothing like wife/mom/door answerer/... going away to make us appreciate them! Hang in there -- you can probably get away with counting down hours by this time!

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

HI Tim-
I am sitting here with your wife. We're at a fancy coffee shop ... chatting, sipping our overpriced beverages --- admiring your work from afar. She'll be home in less than 12 hours.

Thanks for letting her come! It absoultely made my September ... and my entire FALL for that matter.


ps- You do know she is coming back again in November .... don't you? Only for 6 days that time.

nancy said...

I was so impressed with your housekeeping Tim. I went to watch the kids while he went to the airport. The house was spotless and Amie even came in with flowers. You get an A+ in husbandry (is that a word?)

The Sexton Crew said...


"husbandry" is a word. It means "the practice of raising livestock." Clearly you've met my herd. ;-)

Thank you for sitting up late with the crew! We love you. And yes, Tim got a total A+!!