Thursday, September 20, 2007


My husband greeted me this morning with his song for the day:

"Please don't go girl..."
(That's an old New Kids on the Block song for those of you who aren't familiar or who are just to embarrassed to admit that you listened to them.)
Isaiah wanted to know if Minnesota was an island? I think he's confusing Tara's two abodes.
Nathan wrote in his journal this morning "momimisuiusuwrhr". Isn't that sweet? =) Okay, I needed an interpretation, too. It says "Mom, I miss you. I wish you were here." It's there if you look close enough. (Yes he IS home schooled -don't even go there!) Anyway, I found it funny that he was writing that today and showing it to me while I'm still very much here. He's a sentimental fellow. Later this morning, he wrapped his arms around me and said "You can't go. I'm holding you right here." I think he and Tim and will quite a pair this weekend.
Mamoune hasn't said a word but seems unusually cheerful. hmmmmm. I'm guessing she would pilot the plane herself if that's what it took to get rid of me for a few days. I'm sure that deep down she's really torn up over it. ;-)
I have a million things to do and the hours are ticking by quickly. Pray that the airport drop off will go smoothly. The last time I traveled to see Tara our boys were 4 and 2. The screaming began just as I lost sight of them going up the escalator. Tim high-tailed it out of there. Something about being a white man holding two black children screaming "I WANT MY MOMMY!" made him nervous. Go figure. =)


Heather said...

Amie, I love how you can make me laugh across an ocean (though I hate that it's that far!). While you were googling plane crash photos, my mom was googling rat chili... I'll be praying for your safe travels and your crew at home this weekend. Have a great time!

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

As a fellow homeschooler...I totally got what that note said! I think all homeschooling families should speak in code. It could be the secret thing that links us together. Kind of like drawing the fish in the sand <><. We could talk to each other about how absurdly "socialized" the people around us are. Hmmm...I might be onto something here! :)