Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just a little Justus

Just- adorable

Just- precious

Just- delightful

Just- funny

Just- sweet

Yes, this is the same boy who is trying to kill me.
It's a complicated relationship. =)


Bobbey said...

Something that sweet and precious couldn't seriously be trying to kill you. Oh wait it HAS been that long since I had one that small trying to kill me. Guess that means that WHEN you survive this, you'll forget the horrors of sleep deprivation torture.

ali said...

oh, i so hear you !!! shawn is 12 mos 3 weeks and hes still trying to kill me. hes my first non-sleeper, so i am clueless. from what ive heard, im doing everything right, yet i still suffer. UGH. i hope it gets better soon!

Rose Anne said...

It has been almost 6yrs since I have been that desperate for sleep but do I ever remember it well!
10 min at a time for the first days 4 days for a total of 45. I had to hand him off to my sister to get a couple - Thank our dear Lord that he sleeps like a rock now!!!
They grow soo fast that it is amazing....
He is so sweet he loods eatible!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Nancy said...

Gee it's been 24 years since my son tried to kill me unless you count the times we got calls from the police saying he'd been in an accident could we meet him at the hospital or oh yeah a building collapsed on him. So yes, you forget one kind of torture when you move to the next form they devise. But don't fret they do eventually move out and you are not trying to be killed anymore and you sometimes miss those days. Enjoy each tortuous moment :)