Thursday, August 14, 2008

Story Time

I have a couple of stories to share with you today. First up -Nathan has decided to write his autobiography. Here is the first chapter exactly as it appears on paper:

how I wuzs born.

I wuzs born In 1999 I wuzs born and the babe wuzs me. and the name wuzs Nathan.

Chapter Two is pending. I think it's profound and if he continues the three sentences per year of life format, it will certainly be a quick read. Place your orders for this spell-binder early, people.

Story number two is entitled: Bella and the BeBe (blanket)

Once upon a time there was a little princess named Bella who had a very special bebe. It had been a gift from her fairy grandmother and she loved it with all her heart. She slept with the bebe every night and carried it with her everywhere she went. Then one day, a wicked monster gobbled up the bebe. Princess Bella valliantly fought the monster and frantically pleaded for the safe return of her precious bebe. But the monster just kept chewing and chewing.

At last, the weary Princess Bella searched the palace for the beautiful Queen and implored her to rescue the bebe from the clenches of death. The brave and irresistably gorgeous queen fearlessly yanked open the mouth of the fire-breathing beast and ripped the bebe from it's jaws. She returned the bebe to the sweet princess who vowed never to let it out of her sight again. All the kingdom rejoiced!

And Princess Bella and her bebe...

...lived happily ever after.

Attention Fairy Grandmother!!! Kick those crochet needles into high gear, woman. We need a back-up bebe asap! =)


Bobbey said...

Reminds me of a dear sweet princess in my home, who once was witness to her dear and constant companion "Rosie" entering the jaws of death. She valiantly kicked, cried and screamed for nearly two hours till her brave, valiant, gorgeous, (you get the picture) mother stepped in and rescued her beloved dog.

The duplicate Bebe is a great idea. I was a master at planting "clean Rosie" inconspicuously near the playing princess, while "dirty Rosie" got her bath.

Joanna Christmas said...

love the stories! who was the brave and irresistibly gorgeous queen? you thought enough about me to put me in your story? well thanks. hah...
hope you week is going alright!

Rosie said...

What was the Monster?

The Sexton Crew said...

Rosie -it was the dryer. I tried to get it in the picture but it's hard to make it out.

Joanna -uh, yeah. I figured you wouldn't mind having a cameo appearance in the story. =) Hope you've had a great week. See you soon.

Rosie said...

No sorry i see that im just a bit tired and thick