Sunday, August 3, 2008

A meeting of the minds...

...may not always be a good thing.

Does this happen in your neighborhood?

Tim went outside to dump the trash and noticed a group of young men standing on the corner (ours is the corner house). One was holding money up in the air and all were wearing blue. Blue shirts, blue bandannas, blue shorts, something blue on each one. He came in the house and drew me to the window saying, "Check out this group in blue. Weird, huh?" As they slowly made their way down the street in front of our house; I looked up and noticed another group of young men getting out of a car wearing -you guessed it- red. Red shirts, red bandannas, etc.

Now, you may not know much about the nuances of gang life but surely you know that these two colors have long since represented arch rivals. So, here we stand at our living room window watching twenty or so young men wearing opposing colors walking toward each other. Are you holding your breath?

So. were. we.

That's when the most peculiar thing happened. Nothing. They talked for a second and then piled all of the guys (red and blue) into two cars and pulled away. First reaction? Whew! Second reaction -what the heck? And apparently we weren't the only ones on edge. They were followed out by a police cruiser.

Was it a fluke? A bizarre fashion coincidence? Or did two rival gangs come together for some "greater" purpose? oh. my. crapness. We love our neighborhood. We love our neighbors. We generally feel safe here. But I think asking you to pray for God's protection for us and the friends around us seems reasonable.

Peace out.


T and T Livesay said...

Bloods and Cryps? OR

Republicans and Democrats.

DUH. Obviously.

They're getting together, becoming moderates and shopping for purple clothes and head coverings.

Why is this so difficult for you to understand????

The Sexton Crew said...

A political caucus across party did we miss that? Sigh of relief -thanks T.

Nancy said...

On a serious note. Will be praying for you and your family and for opportunities to shine Jesus amongst whoever they were.
Could it have been two ball teams? :)

The 5 NC Shays said...